SOTECOFOAM products are the result of an intensive research activity in the field of rigid expanded materials which has been started in the 70’s
Research has been carried out by an academic team provided with a deep knowledge of composites and used to operate in close contact with Industry
Since the beginning major feature has been the commitment to products meeting market requirements with quite innovative formulations
At the end of 90’s research has been focused on high fire reaction materials fulfilling safety regulations mainly in the field of transportation
At the beginning of 2000 a strong activity has been dedicated to designing specific foam materials for wind turbines.
Today the capability of developing custom-made products is still characterizing SOTECOFOAM’s activity


All products designed and developed on the base of customer’s specifications
Strict quality control of both raw materials and plant operation
Constancy of mechanical properties due to continuous, non-batch, manufacturing processes
Great attention to changing market requirements
Total commitment to meeting more and more severe environmental standards
Sotecofoam is also commitment to safety, environment and human resources in order to fulfill more and more severe standards.