All features of Sotecofoam’s mission can be pursued thanks to the capability of innovating production recipes and process control technologies Further factors include: a dedicated quality and traceability system an accurate selection of raw materials from reliable and renowned suppliers

Research & Development is at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions to some of the world’s toughest challenges.

Sotecofoam R&D departmens work on the discovery of new technologies and the enhancement of current products to create the products of the future
Any aspect is taken into consideration from the cradle to the grave of a production focusing on the future.

We start from raw material selection and pass through product and processing design in order to find the right solution for any specific problem

We don’t believe in the choice of having a general purpose solution for many problems because each market or application has its specific targets and problems and therefore needs its customized solution (TAILOR MADE – Design).
Each new product of Sotecofam has passed through many Lab tests and only when these tests completely satisfy goes the targets, the scale up phase starts.

Each new product of Sotecofam pass through 3 phases of scale up: lab, pilot plant, industrial batch and for each phase product is care
fully checked in terms of mechanical, physical and thermal properties.

R&D personnel follow the highest standards of quality to guarantee these results and no any product can be sold without R&D approval.

Our innovation engine sets the stage for delivering long-term value to our customers while maintaining high standards of social, ethical and environmental performance because Sotecofoam wants to win in the markets of nowadays as well asand above all in those of tomorrow.